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renowned for its high-quality sensitive skin care range, malin+goetz is one of new york's hottest beauty brands. we catch up WITH the company's founders, matthew malin & andrew goetz, to find out more about THE malin+goetz BRAND, what inspires their collections & where they love to hang out in their hometown new york.


What is the background of Malin+Goetz and when was the company originally conceived?
MM & AG:  Matthew Malin hails from the Beauty World, having had worked for a number of luxury retailers and specialty Beauty Brands. Prior to Malin+Goetz, Andrew Goetz spent the bulk of his career in the Design Industry. Partners in life, as well as business, Malin+Goetz was originally conceived when Kiehl’s (where Matthew was in charge of Global Sales and Distribution) was sold to L’Oréal. We thought there was a great opportunity to create a family-owned business by fusing our collective worlds of Beauty and Design; with formulas focused on sensitive skin – a personal crusade for Matthew, who suffers from very sensitive skin.  The brand launched with our Flagship Shop in Chelsea, Barneys New York, Fred Segal, Liberty in London, and an e-commerce website.

What is the philosophy of the brand? What differentiates the brand and makes it so special/ unique?
MM & AG:  
Our brand is unique in the market place for a number of reasons.  Our customers are equally split between women and men.  We don’t preach hyperbole – we use natural ingredients when appropriate, and incorporate proven science so that our products do what we say they do.  We formulate very soothing and hydrating products that are designed around sensitive skin.  Our skincare range uses only natural scents that smell great – but are there for efficacious reasons; not to turn you into a human fragrance diffuser.  But because we know people enjoy an olfactory experience, we also offer a gorgeous line of EDT’s and candles.

What are some of the most emblematic Malin+Goetz products?
MM & AG:  
While known especially for skincare (face products), our range also includes Body Care, Hair Care, Fragrance and Candles – and a Dog Shampoo designed specifically for our adopted Pug, Mr. Greenberg.  Our Grapefruit Face Cleanser and Vitamin E Face Moisturizer are staples of the brand.  But we have a number of ‘wow’ products that folks are very emphatic about.  Our Detox Face Mask, a 5-minute oxygenating foaming gel mask that leaves your face incredibly cleansed, hydrated and bright is something we have trouble keeping in stock.  Our Facial Cleansing Oil is the go-to product for women looking to gently cleanse and remove their make-up without harsh chemicals.  For occasional break-outs, our Sulfur Paste has a practical cult following.  Our Eucalyptus Deodorant is quite simply amazing.  And I would of course be remiss not to include any of our Rum-scented products.  People seemed to be obsessed with that part of the range.

What inspires your collections? What is your creative process when developing new products?
MM & AG:  
Our design brief for creating products never changes – we always create products that are going to be appropriate for those with sensitive skin.  And we don’t create products because of market trends or anything a la mode – we create products that we both personally are looking for.  Sometimes the process goes quickly; and sometimes not.  But we never bring a product to market unless we feel we’ve done the best we possibly can with the formula.

As a brand/ company, what are some of your proudest achievements to date? What are some of the challenges that you face as entrepreneurs?
MM & AG:  Creating a successful brand and business that people embrace both here in New York, and around the globe is our proudest achievement.  We are always humbled and honoured by the enthusiasm people have for the brand and our products.  As entrepreneurs, one of our biggest challenges is competing with the big Multi-National Beauty Companies that have untold sums of money to spend.  We will always be out-spent, but we feel that by being honest and transparent with our customers and creating wonderful products – we are always able to garnish an authentic and loyal following.

As you're based in New York, how does the city influence your creativity? What are some of your favourite local places to eat/ drink/ hang out in New York?  
MM & AG:  
New York absolutely influences us. The energy, creativity and sheer diversity here is both a personal and professional inspiration. The constantly changing restaurant scene could give even the most focused person a bout of culinary ADD. We love that you can go either high or low to eat and drink well here. Personally, we tend to like more informal spots. Maialino (Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Avenue, New York) by Gramercy Park is posh without being stuffy – and the food is always excellent. Take the No. 7 Train out to Flushing and you’ll feel like you just landed in Hong Kong. The sheer amount of amazing restaurants in Brooklyn is close to astonishing. We love to combine a good meal with a lively drinking scene at Charlie Bird (5 King Street, New York) in Greenwich Village. But honestly, we could not possibly name every place that we adore.

What are some of your favourite destinations in the world, and why? Where do you love to escape to on holidays?
MM & AG:  We love Positano. It’s hard to beat the beauty and relaxation there.  Having lived in Amsterdam for a while, we always enjoy visiting there as well.  Tokyo is probably one of the most interesting places in the world, and we love to spend time there.  As a skier, I’m partial to Lech in Austria.  But frankly, one of our favourite places in the world is our Farm House in the Hudson Valley.  It’s 200km straight up the Hudson from New York, and it’s the place we can actually aspire for that elusive concept called relaxation.

Where can we find Malin+Goetz  around the world?
MM & AG:  
We have 3 shops here in New York, and 3 in LA – and we're looking to open more in the near future.  Barney’s New York, Liberty in London and Space NK in both the US and UK are great places to find our brand.  And if you are down under, Mecca is the place to go.

What is next on the horizon for Malin+Goetz?  
More shops!  Looking to open San Francisco, Chicago and London by the end of the year.  And of course, many wonderful new products.

Visit the Malin+Goetz Online Store:  malinandgoetz.com

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